Covid 19 Safety

At Point Blank Martial Arts we take your safety very seriously.  These precautions include:

-   Video and Audio recording of all classes, entry and exit pre and post attendance

-   All Instructors are First Aid and CPR Certified

-   VSS (Vulnerable Sector Screening) Certified

-   All Point Blank Martial Arts Athlete's and facilities are insured

-   Covid 19 countermeasures

These Covid 19 countermeasure include:

-   Point Blank Martial Arts being a "Disinfect Right Certified Facility"

-   A State of the Art, Nasa designed, Space Station implemented air filtration system

          -   Follow this video Link for quick details:

-   Government of Canada approved Sanitization cleaning solution system

-   3 Hand Sanitizer locations throughout the facility

-   4 Bottle cleaning station with sterilized microfiber cloths

For complete details on our Covid 19 procedure and details of the above information, please click the "COVID SAFE" button for a downloadable PDF. 

Point Blank Martial Arts - Covid