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During his ongoing 30+ years of Martial Arts Experience, Steve has enjoyed over 20 seasons of coaching Kids and Youth Hockey, Soccer and Baseball.  His well rounded skill set and experiences make him an ideal instructor with multiple levels of coaching and training skills to engage and motivate you to learn and excel.

Steve Hyatt - Point Blank Martial Arts.j

Steve has many additional training qualifications which include:

  • St John's Ambulance First Aid and CPR Certification

  • Personal Security (V.I.P) Licensed, Bonded and Insured

  • Certified Trainer

  • Vulnerable Sector Screening clearance

Clients include:

  • Law Enforcement and Military Personnel

  • First Responders

  • Surgeons

  • Private Security

  • Elite Athletes

  • Teachers

  • Mom's, Dads, Kids, Youth and Adults of all backgrounds, sizes, shapes and ambitions

Having a continuing attitude for learning has driven him to optimize his skills, travelling the world to learn and experience the most topical forms of martial arts.  His qualifications as a High Level Martial Artist include:

Coach-Instructor-Sifu Steve Hyatt

  • Internationally Recognized Instructor

  • Holds Instructor Certification in 3 countries under 4 separate instructors

  • Instructor under Mo Teague – World Combat Arts (Weymouth England)

    • Continues to Train and is Certified under this ex-British Special Forces for over 10 years

      • Trained in Counter Terrorism

      • Studied industry Tradecraft

      • Lethal and Defensive Tactics

      • Surpassed extreme Physical and Psychological stress testing

    • Extensive training in Hard Target Self Protection System

      • Self Defense and Personal Security

  • Instructor under IMB Academy – Richard Bustillo – Esteban De La Cruz (Los Angeles California)

  • Instructor under Tim Motter – Jeet Kune Do Institute (Orlando Florida)

  • Instructor under Paul Oddi – PBMA (Toronto, Ontario)

  • Continuing studies of Jeet Kune Do for over 30 years

    • Muay Thai for 12 years

    • MMA for 20 years

    • Kali Escrima for 8 years

    • Jiu Jitsu, Grappling Arts 30 years

Steve - Nicole and Steve IMB Instructor

Sifu Steve has had the privilege of training with some of the most respected Instructors of our time, in the following areas:

Jeet Kune Do (JKD)            Muay Thai           Submission Grappling        Kali / Escrima


BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)        Wrestling            Combat Arts                      Boxing

Self Protection (Self Defense and Personal Security)

Steve Hyatt and Richard Bustillo
Steve Hyatt with Mo Teague and Will Kowles
Steve Hyatt with Dan Inosanto and Brian Benaissa
Steve with Larry Hartsell
Steve Hyatt with Francis Fong
Steve Hyatt with Sylvio Behring
Steve Hyatt with Ted Wong

Post training in Personal Protection and Self Defense under the Hard Target System with Mo Teague, Steve Hyatt was honored to appear in an article written by Mo Teague in Britain’s Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine.

Steve Hyatt with Mo Teague
Steve Hyatt with Mo Teague

Recognized as an International Instructor in the summer of 2010 during continued training in the "Hard Target System" with Mo Teague.

Through Point Blank Martial Arts, Sifu Steve has helped coach several students to Ontario Gold Medal Champions in BJJ and Champions in Canadian Association of Sport Kickboxing (CASK) tournaments.

Point Blank Martial Arts with Gold Medal
Point Blank Martial Arts BJJ Competition Team
Point Blank Martial Arts BJJ Champions
Poitn Blank Marital Arts Muay Thai Ontriao Champions

Never Stop Training!

Always push, always learn, always be open to new ideas and expereiences

Steve Hyatt Pipeline training under Mo Teague
Steve Hyatt Point Blank Martial Arts Hel
Steve Hyatt with Richard Bustillo

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