Point Blank Martial Arts - Kids Program

Martial Arts training at Point Blank Martial Arts and Fitness is so much fun for kids!  When they adventure into the Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and MMA aspects of our training, they never want to go home!!


In such an entertaining environment, the kids hardly realize they’ve been learning impressive skills in a multitude of ranges. They may be unaware that their abilities to compete in all aspects has been tested and proven with personal attention and live interaction with an opposing partner.


Kids get the opportunity to practice what they learn and gain immediate feedback if they were able to apply the lessons taught and the value of them.


​Here’s a question for you: “Would you teach your kids how to swim without them ever going in the water?”

If you answered no to that, then you need to ask where you want your kids to be training martial arts?  Somewhere they can learn forms, only hit pads, gain an unproven level of confidence in a belt factory? 

Learning how to defend yourself against bullies is a great asset to have, but training where you do not have resisting opponents will not provide your kids the skills to deal with that and you should question anybody that tells you otherwise.


This goes back to the old saying “Anyone can sail a ship when the seas are calm”.  Life is never calm, you shouldn’t train that way in a sterile unrealistic environment, unless it is for entertainment or fitness and for the purposes of feeling good about yourself.


We have a tremendous amount of fun, but never at the expense of missing the point of the lesson.  Your kids will learn applicable skills every class and will look forward to coming back.


If you want your kids to:

  • Learn active skills from stand up to ground with a sense of reality 

  • Enhance their reactions based on real interaction within a live training environment

  • EARN WELL DESERVED CONFIDENCE from a composed, advanced and entertaining curriculum  then you found a home at Point Blank Martial Arts

What Makes us different?

  • Unique ABC Program for Children

A - Agility

B - Balance

C - Coordination

  • Innovation based on Traditional Values

  • Internationally Recognized Black Belt Instructors

  • Regular level Grading for kids programs - we are not a belt factory

  • Energetic and goal driven classes

Try us today - you have everything to gain and truly nothing to lose!

Check out this great interview with Conor McGregor on why he entered Martial Arts, and his thoughts on kids entering into Martial Arts and the success life can bring them in anything they do.