It's Time!  Don't let the sound of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts intimidate you!  In this class you were learn the absolute basics of how this all works and what it means to apply it.

Don't know how to hold your hands up?  How to Move?  How to balance?  How to hold pads?  No clue what any of this means but have always wanted to try it out?

This is the class for you!  Completely designed with beginners in mind.  There is no skill needed for this class.  All you need is to get off the couch and come experience this now.  

MMA 101 will give you the overview, the skills and confidence to jump into a regular class without having to feel like you are new or that you are holding up a class.  

Come in to see how Point Blank Martial Arts can encourage and develop your love for this life long journey of expressing yourself in the purest way possible!