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Black Belts don't mean what you think they mean...

I know what you're thinking....I've spent a lot of time and a lot more money on my Martial Arts journey and it means I'm great! I hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn't.

Having a Black Belt can mean:

a) You know if enough about something to validate your level, or

b) You can do enough of a thing to have your Black Belt,

BUT.... it doesn't necessarily mean you can do both!!

There are hundreds of Black Belts out their teaching horrible or incorrect techniques. The biggest window of error in this category is Self Defense schools. Most are BULLSHIT!

There are always people to learn from at many levels. Black Belts can say stupid things, and white belts can say brilliant things. It just doesn't matter. The question is can you learn from someone or other students? 5 seconds into a training drill and you know who has the skills, and you know you can ask for help from them, or the instructor.

Humility is key in any Martial Arts training and instruction. The line I use the most in any of my instruction, under any of the classes I teach, is this: "Don't believe anything I say....prove it works for you".

If you are at a school that does not have a belt system, it will save you years of toxicity focusing on getting that belt. It will have the additional effect of allowing you to concentrate on the effectiveness of your training.

Allowing yourself to satisfy your ego with attaining belts ( the essence of Kindergarten stickers for motivation for doing things right ), is a mind numbing goal with little effect on practicality. I'm not saying it does not help people, but simply said, don't let that be your only goal. Learning doesn't end with a Black Belt, it is only a beginning.

As Bruce Lee said, "I don't have any belt whatsoever. That is just a certificate. Unless you can really do it - that is, defend yourself successfully in a fight - that belt doesn't mean anything. I think it might be useful to hold your pants up, but that's about it."


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