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Self Defense Vaughan - Is that what they say?

Let the BULLSH** REIGN SUPREME!! It's been a long time brewing for the contempt I have for people who say they teach Self Defence as real, reality, life saving, practical, functional only to find out they are full of shit!

Too many students have come to my club and shown me what Self Defense Skills they have learned in Vaughan at many clubs, including:

  • Karate

  • MMA

  • TKD

  • Krav Maga

  • Boxing

And they have all shown me absolutely USELESS skills. Most disturbing is some of them may even get you killed or at a minimum escalate situations where as an individual you have no control or skill to handle the situation. Sadly there is no governing body in any martial art to let you see if anything is practical or useful in Self Defence.

So PLEASE....educate yourself. Challenge everything that is shown to you. Pressure test it. If it doesn't work in a pressure test, IT DOESN'T WORK!! Don't believe ANYTHING that ANYONE (including me) tells you about what will work. Prove it works for you, and you can make it work in a real situation where you have no idea what is happening.

If an instructor or club does not accept you questing a technique, application or change of approach, you are at the wrong for the door.

Looking for actual, real, useful Self Defense? Contact Point Blank Martial Arts instructor Steve Hyatt. Certified IKF - Krav Maga instructor under Amit Himmelstein, head instructor and director of the International IKF organization in Israel. Certified Instructor under Mo Teague, Ex British Special Forces Counter Intelligence in England.

Semper Paratus


Some classic examples of teaching crap that are just stupid crap and super crap.


Crap Crap

Crap Crap



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