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JKD/MMA - Vaughan's Best MMA Training

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At Point Blank MMA, we are focused on the athlete, ensuring their skills across all ranges are challenged and improved in every class.

This covers Stand Up (Kicking and Striking), Clinch (Standing Tie up, Control, Takedowns), and Ground (Striking, positions and submissions).

You don't need to be experienced and you don't need to be new to the Martial Arts.

If you're looking for a creative fitness program that challenges your mental and physical fortitude and/or vastly improve your combative skills, Point Blank Martial Arts delivers, with a personal approach to MMA.

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We use many aspects under Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do philosophy in our MMA Class

  • They include:

    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    • Combat Submission Wrestling

    • Sambo

    • Greco Roman Wresting

    • Judo

    • Muay Thai

    • Wing Chun

    • Savate

    • Boxing

    • Panantukan

Point Blank Martial Arts - Adults - 4 20
  • We spar and roll every other class (technique, time and questions permitting)

  • You need to have time to actually apply what you have been training into a live environment and see if it works, or what you need to adapt to make it work for you

  • Our components of fitness include honing stamina, muscle and cardiovascular endurance , strength, speed and flexibility

  • Your skill base of motor fitness will also grow as you improve your agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Accuracy, power and reaction time

Executive MMA/JKD

Tuesday and Thursday - 8:30pm - 9:30pm

This class is designed for individuals and professionals who need to go to work the next day without injury. Here you will learn all the fundamentals in ranges of combat that include Stand Up, Clinch and Ground. Starting here is a great way to safely learn these skills in a practical manner in a social and welcoming environment. 

Here is a great interview with Conor McGregor on why he entered Martial Arts, and his thoughts on kids entering into Martial Arts and the success life can bring them in anything they do.

Come experience Vaughan Ontario's most complete Martial Arts training center - Point Blank Martial Arts - 23-80 Bass Pro Mills Drive, right behind Vaughan Mills

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