Escrima (also known as Eskrima, Arnis, or Kali) is a class of Filipino martial arts that emphasizes combat with sticks and knives.

Aspects of the training include, controlling the range with triangular footwork patterns, learning how to defend yourself from angled attacks and practicing set drills of flowing defense and counter attacks. The drills will teach the practitioner hand-eye co-ordination, body position, target perception, rhythm, fluidity, timing and muscle memory.

The term ‘live hand’ is used in Eskrima, to describe where you are armed with a single weapon, and your other empty (live) hand is used for locking, trapping, supporting weapon blocks, checking, disarming, striking and controlling the opponent.

We cover many aspects of double stick and single stick and as your training moves on, into knife, stick and empty hand with complete interchangeability.

Come try this out, classes held Saturday from 12:00-1:00.  Contact us today to reserve a spot and secure your free class trial.

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