What Did I Want to Know about training Martial Arts?

Q. What Types of Martial Arts do you teach at Point Blank?

You can find a list of classes and details under our training section of what we offer by class in terms of training.  All of our efforts are guided under the Principles of Jeet Kune Do.  Follow the link above on our menu line for the options

Q. Is contact Martial Arts safe for Kids?

If you have kids, you know they get hurt doing everything!  However, with the right Martial Arts Instruction, kids are taught contact in a controlled environment and injuries are exceptionally rare.  In fact, Martial Arts holds the lowest rating of injuries compared to Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and a host of other sports, while providing a lifetime journey of learning.

Q. I'm not in the best shape and I want to make sure I am not holding up class and being embarrassed.

It really does not matter what shape or condition you are in, we are here to help you work towards and achieve your goals.  Every human being learns at their own pace.  Everyone attending Point Blank brings a great attitude, creating a great environment and leaving each class with a positive experience. 

Waiting until you're in shape to start training Martial Arts is like a child waiting until they are smart enough to go to school.

"Smile - Laugh - Focus - Work - Leave - Repeat"

Q. I Want to Get a Black Belt, how long will that take?

At Point Blank Martial Arts, we offer a FAST TRACK program to accommodate the students driving their desire to achieve their goals.  Belt programs for kids up to the age of 16.  In 13 years we have had only 2 students make it to the Junior Black Belt level.


We are NOT a Black Belt Factory.  Everything is earned, nothing is given.  Our objective is to get you to the Instructor Level over a time period that rests with each individual and their abilities.  

For adults, we provide a grading program (for those that want to opt into it), where we provide ranks for the following categories/ranges:  Striking; Clinch, Ground, MMA, JKD and Weapons.

Q. What is your Class Structure?

Each class will contain both physical and technical elements, as well as general fitness and muscle endurance elements (Follow this link for more information on Fitness).

  • You will learn what techniques work for you and develop a skill set with respect to stance, punching, kicking, closing the gap, controlling the clinch, executing takedowns, ground control, transition, position and submission

  • We spar/roll at least every other class, although we try to make it every class, technique, drills, time and questions permitting

  • The reason for this is:

  • You can learn to hit pads all day long, but pads don't hit back

  • You need to know for yourself if what you learned is something you can apply

  • You also need to know if it works for you.

  • Never worry, you will not be sparring with any meatheads or people who do not respect your level of experience.

  • You will be challenged, but never overwhelmed.

Q. Is JKD the same as Mixed Martial Arts?

I don't consider JKD to be a form of "mixed martial arts" because of my understanding of its true nature. I view martial art as a single unitary whole, in it's "totality," as opposed to various separated segments such as kicking, striking, grappling, etc., or 'this' art and 'that' art combined. The idea behind JKD is not to create a melting pot of different arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Western Boxing, or put a bunch of techniques from various arts together and call it "mixed martial arts." One of the fundamental principles underlying JKD is to do away with the whole notion of styles entirely. It is about being free from styles or even combinations of styles. JKD is about cultivating your body as a martial instrument and then being able to express yourself with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and without any restrictions or limitations. This is why I refer to it as "the next step beyond mixed martial arts."

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