One of the most phenomenal Coaches you could get is Sifu Steve Hyatt. With a direct lineage to Bruce Lee, His knowledge of Martial Arts has no boundaries.

Sifu Steve is an incredible person and an amazing Instructor.  He has an ability to connect with each child on a personal level and to their strenthgs and interests.

We felt very lucky and privileged to have Coach Steve as our son's Martial Arts Instructor.

Steve is an excellent coach/instructor who promotes friendship and family at the gym. We highly recommend anyone to go by and try Point Blank out.

Besides diligently training my son over the years, Steve has become an excellent friend and mentor to him. Steve was a role model to my son and I greatly valued the support and wisdom he shared with both of us.

After joining the gym my skills developed ten fold! Under Sifu Steve's direct and streamlined approach to Martial arts... He taught me not only how to protect myself, but how to apply martial arts philosophy to all aspects of life. It was important for me to find someone with direct lineage to Bruce Lee and taught JKD.

He genuinely wants you to succeed and takes the time to listen, direct, coach and even makes his classes fun yet keeping to culture and the art authentic.

Through Point Blank I have rediscovered the meaning of friendships and community.

My son started training at Point Blank when he was six years old.   After nine years, we cannot say enough about Coach Steve’s ability to teach.

Steve Hyatt stood beside my son through many in-depth life experiences, offering his help, guidance, introspection and advice.

Sifu Steve takes the time to really focus on technique and makes sure his students get it right.

His ability to push you to new limits and excel in martial arts is unmatched.

What a great experience for my children.  So happy with the personal attention and discipline they have received. Both my kids look forward to each session.  The belt challenges have kept them focused and they are excited to progress.

I consider Steve to be a very highly skilled combative specialist. I have learned a lot from him over these years. Things as subtle as being a better person and as dynamic as close quarter engagement, high risk survival skills.

Thanks to Steve and Point Blank, I was able to find a sense of confidence and security in life experiences.