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This class is open to all our members ages 12 and up.  It is designed for you to come in and practice what you have learned or what you need to work on in your skillset.  

Sparring options will be discussed partner to partner in terms of ranges and attributes you will be Sparring with.  In other words you decide whether you want to work on Muay Thai, Takedowns, Ground, Submissions, MMA, the options are yours to choose.

This is exactly the class to find out if you can apply the lessons learned through your training into actual application.  This is not a "Let's beat the crap out of each other" sparring session, but a controlled and respectful training environment to pressure test your abilities.


Nothing will advance your skills and application than sparring.  If you simply drill all the time, you will become a great scholar, but we are looking to develop practical performance and Sparring provides that.

Saturday 1:00pm - 2:00pm

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Come experience Vaughan Ontario's most complete Martial Arts training center - Point Blank Martial Arts - 23-80 Bass Pro Mills Drive, right behind Vaughan Mills

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