Private Lessons

There are many reasons people seek out Private Lessons.  It could be as simple as:

-  Feeling unprepared to join a class

-  Wanting to see your abilities or see if you can perform to your level of expectation prior to joining a class

-  Feeling uncomfortable with other people in a class setting

-  You prefer one one one Coaching and Training

Reaching the next level of Training:

-  Feeling the need to kick off hitting a personal plateau in training

-  The need to work on problem areas that cannot be addressed in the class setting

-  Preparation for Competition

-  Refine techniques or improve sparring

Experience Martial Arts studies currently covered in or outside the curriculum, all available for Private Lessons:

-  Jeet Kune Do Concepts

-  Self Defense (Self Protection and Personal Security)

-  Muay Thai

-  Combat Submission Wresting, Submission Grappling, BJJ

-  Functional Eskrima - Stick and Knife

-  Use of Force

-  Mixed Martial Arts

Personal Fitness Goals

        -  Increase personal fitness level

        -  Improve training intensity (HIIT)

        -  Require a program developed around what you ahve access to

        -  Off Ice / Off Court supplemental training for individuals or teams

Private Lessons are available by appointment only and must be prepaid.