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Kids Program - Best Kids Martial Arts in Vaughan

We build STRONG KIDS so you don't have to mend BROKEN ADULTS

Are you tired of other Martial Arts clubs trying to get you to sign up for long term contracts?  Tired of paying for belt testing fees?  Tired of gimmicks thrown at you?  Well, you will find none of that here! All Training – All the time!

This is a Life changing school for every kid, leaving a lasting positive impact.  Our physically challenging program, allows Dragon's of all ages to develop their social and physical skills, providing them the tools to develop CONFIDENCE needed to engage in life. 

We have a NO QUIT attitude and work to provide the DISCIPLINE AND GUIDANCE by example so kids can acquire these LIFE SKILLS themselves.

Each class contains TECHNIQUE + MOVEMENT + CONDITIONING.  One simple curriculum mixed with SKILL ACQUISITION and FITNESS!

Iron Dragons – Ages 11-17

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 5:30-6:15


Gold Dragons – Ages 7-11

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 6:30-7:15


Little Dragons – Ages 3-7

Monday/Wednesday 6:45-7:15 / Saturday 10:00am-10:45am


All Classes are centered around the Jeet Kune Do Principles set out by Bruce Lee, utilizing a mix of martial arts providing skills to the individual in 3 different ranges:


Stand Up:

As long you are standing, what you do here whether punching, kicking, blocking, evading or even taking someone off their feet, this is the “Stand Up Range”



When you are so close you can grab, trap or tie up someone, hold them, utilize strikes that include knees and elbows or take them down to the ground, this is the “Clinch Range”



Whether you are trying to control a person, or get out of their control, hit, submit or escape when you are on the ground, learning techniques in this area is critical to completing a combative skill set (although it is no more or less important than the others), this is the “Ground Range”


In this section of the program we put together the tools learned from Stand Up, Clinch and Ground into one, allowing the application of multiple techniques to complete the skillset 

If you are looking for a Martial Athlete Training facility as a way for your kids to :

      - Play, have fun and improve social skills

      - Develop Self Confidence

      - Gain Physical Security

      - Prevent and deal with bullying

      - Train with the most accredited instructors in Canada

Then you have to come in and try our programs!

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ID - Point Blank Martial Arts 2022.jpg
LD - Point Blank Martial Arts 2023.jpg

Call or email us today for a FREE introductory lesson and experience the difference our programs make.

Check out this great interview with Conor McGregor on why he entered Martial Arts, and his thoughts on kids entering into Martial Arts and the success life can bring them in anything they do.

Come experience Vaughan Ontario's most complete Martial Arts training center - Point Blank Martial Arts - 23-80 Bass Pro Mills Drive, right behind Vaughan Mills

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