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Included in your Monthly Membership is access to the Open Mat times we have for the Club.

You have access to all the training gear, mat space, bags, exercise ropes, Crossfit rig, battle ropes, tire, weights and more.

Arrange to meet up with another member and come train together, work on technique, roll, spar or solo train on your own.

Point Blank Martial Arts and Fitness is all about providing you as much value as possible with respect to your training needs and options.

Daily Membership access for non members is available at $25, which also provides you access to our Martial Arts Classes that day (based on availability) or monthly Open Mat membership only for $60.

Don't wait, come today for a free trial and see what you can do for your body and soul.

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Come experience Vaughan Ontario's most complete Martial Arts training center - Point Blank Martial Arts - 23-80 Bass Pro Mills Drive, right behind Vaughan Mills

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