Make sure your Training Meets your End Goal

Now, I don't know if your goal after years of training to get your black belt is to be one of these guys, but I would really hope not. I do understand and agree that all martial arts offer a value, sometimes it is simply friendship and the idea of doing something different. Sometimes, the interpretation of skill is a little less important, completely vague or mostly irrelevant to teacher and/or student. When you set out on your journey, be sure to question everything. Observe the instructor, senior students, and make your own assessments about what you will get as your learning progresses. Don't get caught up in what looks fancy or pretty. It doesn't matter how big, small, fancy, down to e

Martial Arts - the Unexpected

What does one look for when they are entering the world of Martial Arts? What do you find? What is it you expect? All great questions, and the journey provides unique answers for all of us, but I can share with you what it has meant to me. When I started, I wanted to be Bruce Lee. In my teens I had seen all the movies, Chinese dubbed English and some of it made me laugh. My friends and I still use some of those quotes today whenever we talk to each other. To say they had a lasting impact over 30 years later, is a minor understatement. Well, after training and experience in close to a dozen martial arts over my career, I still feel like I know nothing. That's what happens when you find q

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