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Martial Arts - the Unexpected

What does one look for when they are entering the world of Martial Arts? What do you find? What is it you expect?

All great questions, and the journey provides unique answers for all of us, but I can share with you what it has meant to me.

When I started, I wanted to be Bruce Lee. In my teens I had seen all the movies, Chinese dubbed English and some of it made me laugh. My friends and I still use some of those quotes today whenever we talk to each other. To say they had a lasting impact over 30 years later, is a minor understatement.

Well, after training and experience in close to a dozen martial arts over my career, I still feel like I know nothing. That's what happens when you find quality instructors. They have all left a lasting impression on me that I will never shake off, nor forget.

I've had the privilege of training with Elite Martial Artists all over the world. These people have been members of, trainers of, and/or have first hand experience in/with:

  • Bruce Lee

  • Iraq War

  • British SAS

  • Navy Seals

  • Elite Law Enforcement

  • UFC World Champions

  • High Level Government Security

  • Undercover Elite Operations

  • and many more to list

I have met the most interesting people, with such varied backgrounds, living as King and as pauper. Many have become very close friends even though we are thousands of Kilometers and some oceans apart. This is truly the legacy of Martial Arts, the people you meet and share with.

Along the way I have become very proficient in the arts I like. I am a better teacher and a better person as a result of my years of training and experiences.

It can not be encouraged enough to start a martial art. It doesn't matter what, just enjoy - and yes, that is laughing below...let the learning never stop. Enjoy the ride, find what works for you, embrace it and make it your own.

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